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Find Your Way is a navigation app for android. It is made mainly for travelers. With it you can go back easily to your hotel. you can go out and walk without worrying about losing your way.

First , set your home point, which is the point you want to start from and go back to later.

Click on Button ‘SET HOMEPOINT’ more than once to get more accurate coordinates. You get that even without internet using your sim card and phone GPS.

After that, Click ‘SAVE HOMEPOINT ‘ button.

within 30 seconds the app will show you the arrow that points towards your home point, the distance, and in addition the angle and the compass value(You may not need them)

If you walk, you can just follow the arrow which will update every 30 seconds. When the distance is 50 meters or less that means you are actually near your home point at your destination.

Button WEBMAP will show the directions on the map. You will internet for that.

Button OPENAPP will open maps app on your phone and show you directions to your home point(internet needed)

There are a number of functions from the toolbar as illustrated in the following image:


There is no absolute guarantee an error could not take place. So you have to check the app first on routes you know well to make sure it is working fine on your phone. There is always a probability for a mistake if the phone failed to pick the coordinates accurately enough. It is usually within a few meters but it could be more

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Find Your Way Android App

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