Sun Calc

The Movement of earth and planets around the sun can be calculated quite well.

This is a web app which enables you to know the times of sunrise, sunset and other values . It is possible for your location or any other location on earth you like. Just make sure to enter correct values of time zone and coordinates

Sun Calculator

Sun Calculator

Item Value
Rt Ascention
Sun Rise
Solar Noon
Sun Set
Light duration
Sun Altitude
Corrected Altitude

Desktop App

Our Desk top Sun Calculator is more comprehensive. It gives more values and also a number of graphs like Sun altitude graph, Whole Month table and even whole year table.

Not all features are available in the free trial. Full version is available on request.

Click below to download the zip file. Unzip it and install by clicking the setup file.

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Android App

Go to google play to download it. All the functions are available on android app for free from Google play

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